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Fill out and submit a puppy application (this process may take one for two weeks depending on the time of submission)

Once approved, we will email you to talk about our upcoming litters and which one you might be interested in, from there you will be placed on our waiting list for that specific litter.


When a litter has arrived, we will notify you so that a deposit can be placed. A submitted application does not reserve a puppy, in which only a deposit does. We will not accept deposits before puppies are born. 


Once your deposit is placed, you can sit back and watch them grow over the next few weeks! We will keep you posted on how they are growing and what they are learning along with a few photos and videos.


We send our puppies home around 7-8 weeks of age. We’ll be in contact with you about pick-up day in which you and your family will come get to choose and pick your puppy! We will allow one hour for your visit with us in which we will help you choose your puppy. They are each marked with their own collars so they can be distinguished between each other. Each pup has their own personalities and traits, and even individualized looks. We’re with the puppies a lot during their first few weeks so we can help assist you in choosing the one thats right for your family! Puppy pick up order is organized in the same order deposits are received. If we receive your deposit first, you will have the first pick. Second deposit placed, second pick, etc. 

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