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Bailie was the second Golden to be added to our breeding program. She’s always been on the smaller side but that doesn’t hold her back. She’s super sweet around us but she can be feisty around our guys. We call her our little firecracker. She loves to run fast, fetch, yet she loves to snuggle up beside us and cuddle. She’s full American.

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"From Montana to North Carolina"

Daisy is our full English Golden. Her grandparents were imported from Russia & Ukraine in the early 2000's. Daisy is use to the snow in Montana but now has a love for the mud and farm life in NC.



"Sweeter than candy"

We recently added Bella to our breeding program in 2019 and she’s been the best addition to our farm. She got a lot of energy, is the fastest and most competitive on the farm yet when you lay a hand on her to rub her she calms right down. She loves a good head or belly rub and adores any attention you give her way.


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